I <3 My Kids #Teach180

Today was just a run-of-the-mill day in my classroom. Absolutely nothing spectacular happened, just the usual day to day learning.

What made today awesome is I felt like hell this morning. I almost called in sick. I. Did. Not. Want. To. Be. “On.” Today. When I’m feeling sick being extroverted is painful. I didn’t want to put on my usual bubbly/happy math teacher persona today. I wanted to be in a blanket burrito on the sofa and not talk to another human until 5pm when the hubs would get home with Z.

But I went to school anyways. I knew the allergy crud would subside after the Benadryl kicked in (I take seasonal meds at night but the pollen gods hate me so I have to double up) and then I’d begad I went in. After the allergy meds and coffee were coursing through my veins I wasn’t as bubbly as usual, but I was excited to see their coding process. I was happy to watch them push through some tough coding problems. The kids were so awesome today! I’m so glad I pushed through.

Today’s highlights: 4 of them committed to colleges/companies for next year and told me so I can print out their school’s logo and add to the back wall. Another student came in with a cool Tracy code to solve a problem in a way I hadn’t thought of. And my geometry students are showing their creativity skills by coming up with really cool mediums for their coordinate geometry proofs project.

So in summary:

Somedays I don’t have the energy to be a teacher, thankfully some days the kiddos sense that and give me some of their energy to keep going. For this I’m eternally grateful.


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