Coordinate Proofs and Tracy #Teach180

As I sit here being a pillow for my 3 year old about to drift off to the sounds of her rhythmic congested breathing (I think allergies have her down) I realized I never posted from today.

Geometry did a card sort for coordinate proofs of quadrilaterals to help scaffold the level of detail we strive for. I think the visuals helped them connect the need for showing the math and summarizing your findings in words in an organized fashion.

They then had a chance tot ru their own proof and well look at them tomorrow.

As you can see some groups were more detailed than others. So a critique tomorrow will help us all find a middle ground.

Hen in AFM a student absolutes my mind when she came up with a MUCH more elegant solution for a Tracy challenge than I did.

She wrote a loop that drew a triangle with 3 colored sixes. I wrote a code for the red line, a loop for the green, and a loop for the blue 😬🙄🤦‍♀️.

I legit jumped with glee when I walked behind her desk and caught the code running! I am so loving that the students are out-shining me with elegant codes ❤️


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