6 Eyes Are Better Than 2 #Teach180

So in coding today a kid call me over and said “what the heck Tracy?!” And showed me this:

He wanted help fixing the leaning tower of Tracy and I looked for approximately 4 minutes and could. Not. Find. The. Error.

Now, I think I was suffering from coding fatigue as this was near the end of my last class of the day, but I just wasn’t seeing it. So I took a picture and took the screen shot to a student who’s blowing through this course (he’s a coding nerd ❤️) and asked him to take a look.

30 seconds in her goes, “that 85 is the problem” :

  • And I was all “welp, I’ll be damned. True story.”
  • So todays What-I-Love-Most-About-Coding is:
  • I routinely don’t know the answer, or the most elegant way to do/fix something. I LOVE not knowing all the answers.
  • Case a point, here a student did a task a TOTALLY different way than I did. And I’m 100% certain their method is more elegant than the way I did it ❤️


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