Polygons and Desmos #teach180

So Joel (@joelbezaire) is an amazing human. If you don’t already follow him, go fix that right now and then continue reading. He shared, at some point maybe this past summer, two Desmos AB activities for investigating Polygon Interior Angle Sums and Exterior Angle Sums. I LOVED them!

(Link To Interior Angle: https://teacher.desmos.com/activitybuilder/custom/5b75d8d696a0ad0aefe7f3ff)

So I did what any good teacher does, I adapted them for use in my classroom-aka I made a notes sheet to go with the AB so students could record their thoughts and findings.

Today went amazingly well with the interior angle problem!

Oh, and we had a “snowball” fight for switching papers to check our hypothesis on the warm up.


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