The coffee incident #Teach180

Today was a pretty usual school day with the exception of my arrival to campus. In geometry we practiced identifying Triangle congruency shortcuts and had a debate about why we need to agree on one way to read a diagram (so AAS isn’t confused with ASA). In AFM we looked more in-depth at the Venezuela hyperinflation data and I’m looking forward to seeing students final products tomorrow.

But none of that made today hectic. What made today hectic was: pouring rain and coffee.

A primer: they’ve been re-paving all of the roads I take to school for a while now. So there aren’t any reflector things on the road. Combine that with heavy rain and it makes my 30 minute commute stressful.

Because it was raining hard I had to pick the toddler up to run to the car this morning. Somewhere between the door and the car my coffee mug must have opened. When I got to campus and opened my trunk I found a puddle of coffee EVERYWHERE. By some act of the coffee gods the liquid avoided not just my laptop (🙌) but also my grades papers.

My car now smells like a cafe.


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