Discovering Triangle Shortcuts and Breaking Desmos #Teach180

Today in geometry we looked into Triangle congruency shortcuts hat involve combinations of sides and angles. Here is some student work for why the SSA shortcut doesn’t work.

I’m hopeful future-them will remember this day when they’re in PreCal and doing the ambiguous case of Law of Sines.

In AFM I had such grand plans for our third day of modeling with functions. Then the Internet Gods smited us…smote us…what ever the past tense is for smite.

I have no idea what happened. But Desmos wasn’t showing a line of regression for all my students, and a lot of them were getting negative growth factors in regression when it should have been positive.

All and all 23 of my 38 students couldn’t get a regression line to populate. I have some ideas about what could have gone wrong. I plan to test them this weekend. My thoughts are:

  • Maybe because we had 3 regression lines going and all use the letter b that it made Desmos refer to a previous thing?
  • Maybe our schools internet is blocking something
  • The “log mode” option disappeared this week on my app, so maybe there was an update I don’t know about?

Who knows family. I’ll get it figured out cause my next 3 weeks are all Desmos-regression-heavy.


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