Day 45: back at it #teach180

So I fell off the teach 180 bandwagon. Apologies. It was for a combination of things:

  • I’m up for contract re-evaluation so I had a ton of people in and out of my classroom observing me and it’s weird to be all “hold on a sec while I take a picture of this cool thing” and also be taken seriously by people who don’t get my Twitter family.
  • The Marines stole my husband and there is always a huge learning curve to transitioning from parenting as a duo and parenting solo while he’s gone. Man I love the man and he completes me, so life feels harder when he’s gone. (Also, he makes the coffee in the morning, and HOLY HECK has that been an adjustment!)
  • I have been feeling like a lack-luster teacher of late. To clarify, I know I’m not a bad teacher, I’ve just felt un-inspired and therefore cruddy about myself.

So what got me back here? Well two things:

A really cool doodle a kiddo made and hid from me all period before proclaiming, “I alpaca-Ed your desk”

A kiddo who I adore said something amazingly heart felt. I was too busy trying not to cry to remember the exact words, but he said some version of, “when I’m feeling hyper stressed and worried about all of life and how crazy things are, I take a deep breath and remind myself that I get to go to math class and life feels better.”

Holy shit y’all. This kid came to me hating math and while I haven’t explicitly asked him if he enjoys it yet, this tells me he likes my room and the culture in it. Pardon me while I cry like a baby and remember why I love this job #worthit #allthefeels


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