Friday Lab Days Rock #Teach180

Today was a good day. It was one of Jose days of teaching that fills your cup all the way up. We didn’t do anything extraordinary; no legendary level teaching occurred. But we learned math, we made connections, and we had a lot of fun.

Let’s start with my AFM kiddos and day 3 (of ~30min a day) of the Cup Stacking lab and they all wrapped up. Most groups correctly predicted my height with cups; and hose who were off had good reasoning for where the error came from (rounding is a thing! 1.5 cm isn’t the same as 1.3 or 1.7).

Thy then moved onto the Spaghetti Bridge Lab. It’s been a while since I’ve done this lab—so I had forgotten how jumpy high school students can get at the suspension of awaiting the crashing sound of pennies hitting the floor. Their facial expressions were priceless.

Now let’s move onto Dance Dance Transversal. Oh. My. Goodness. His was the best 15 minutes of vocab review we could have done. I should remind you, the lovely person taking the time to read this, that I teach at an Arts High School. So all of my Geometry students are either ballet students or musicians. And the ballet kiddos brought their A-game.

This student is cast in our Nutcracker as “The Russian” and on the fast mode version of the game he broke out some of his choreography for the Russian.

Then, what might be the most impressive, a kiddo in my afternoon borrowed a pair of pointe shoes and did the whole thing on his tip-toes. I was SUPER impressed!

Today was a good day. Scratch that. Today was a freaking amazing day!! I love my job!


2 thoughts on “Friday Lab Days Rock #Teach180

  1. I am shaking with excitement that we are only one chapter away from angle relationships. I’ve already taped on set of parallel lines and a transversal on the floor. The kids are wondering why.


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