Day 2 of “New Lab Method” #Teach180

AKA “The Day I Forgot To Take Pictures”.

For the first part of class we took notes on writing linear equations and interpreting parameters. Then we moved to the Cup Stacking Lab.

Honestly I thought, from a “yeah, I can guesstimate how long this will take” Teacher viewpoint, that they’d be done at this point. After all they spent 45 minutes yesterday and had 20 today.

The bad news: they’re not done yet

The good news: those who got a wrong equation for the height have figured his out PRIOR to turning it in and me grading it!!! 🙏 (can I get a happy teacher dance emoji please?!?)

I also do really think there is some good conversations happening. I wish I knew how to help the one group in each class see that their groups struggle is rooted in their refusal to communicate. My random group generator got my “I prefer to learn by myself” kiddos all at the same table. I think tomorrow, at the start of class, I might have them all rotate and explain what they have so far to another person in another group, and then go back to their group. I’m hopeful that this could be a push towards communication. Who knows.

But because a #Teach180 blog should have a photo, here is a doodle from a geometry students desk this afternoon 👍


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