First Geometry Constructions Work Day #Teach180

Today was the first full work day for our geometry constructions project, adapted from @lisabej_manitou project here. The only scaffolding I lead with wa to have students first:

  • Practicing drawing a circle with a compass–this is much harder of a skill than I anticipated. Paper will get holes punched in it, this will crush some hearts. It took about 20 minutes until we were all okay with drawing circles.
  • Those who mastered circles first were tasked with “figuring out what cool patterns could be made when “the edge of one circle has the center of another circle on it.” And pretty quickly one kid called me over and asked if you can out three circles together to get a equilateral triangle. I shrugged, asked them to try another circle radius and then see if it happens again. Next thing I knew the whole class was arguing if it was still an equilateral if two sides were almost 2 inches but one side was exactly 2. #Victory
  • I then showed them how to create a hexagon. It might have been cheating, but I really want two full class days of them creating their written directions–my kiddos don’t have compasses in the dorms, so this is an at school project.

Day 1 was awesome. I can’t wait to see what days 2-4 hold in store 😁

Also, how awesome is my old school chalk board compass???


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